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Welcome to Homewind.net.  We are dedicated to bringing the power of wind and other sustainable energy products to the home.  The movement of air is an ever present force in our world, and it has the power to radically change the way we produce and consume power.  In this time when there is high variability in oil and gas prices and the consumer is becoming more conscientious of the environment, wind power is emerging as a viable alternative to produce energy for many households who reside in areas with average sustained winds of more than 7 miles per hour.  While the upfront cost of a home wind turbine may discourage some consumers from purchasing a wind generator,  a logical way of thinking about this sort of purchase is that a buyer of a wind turbine is essentially pre-paying for the energy that the generator will produce and locking in energy costs.  If you amortize the cost over the generator over its 20 year life, in this time of ever increasing electricity costs from Utility Companies, owners of wind turbines for their homes have procured fixed price electricity for the duration of the unit.  In addition the US Federal Government allows for a 30% tax credit for the full price of the Wind Turbine equipment and installation which lowers the initial investment significantly.  Also many states have their own renewable energy rebate and credit programs which makes owning a wind turbine more affordable than ever.  So now more than ever owning a Home Wind Turbine makes economic sense as well as being a great way to be environmentally conscience by reducing your carbon footprint.

Wind is known as the flow of air through the earth’s atmosphere. This air flow is created by the disparate heating of different portions of the earth via sunlight.  Sunlight must pass through the atmosphere before it strikes the earth’s surface.. The sun strikes the earth an an angle, which means that at the equator and the tropics, the sun has the most direct path to the surface. When sunlight strikes the poles, it must travel through hundreds of miles more atmosphere to reach the surface. This difference causes the air, ocean, and land to heat differently at the poles than the equator, and this difference in heat (and therefore pressure) is what causes the air to move.

Knowing how to harness wind is essential . The simplest way to harness its power for use is with the turbine, and more effectively for individuals, with home wind turbines. The mechanical basis for the turbine has been in existence for centuries, since the invention of the mill. A mill was originally intended to grind corn, wheat, or other grain into flour. Early men sought to find more effective ways to run their mills which led to earlier versions of. It had large blades that were set in a vertical wheel shape. The axle of this wheel was connected via gears to the mill stone, so that when the air turned the blades outside, it caused the mill inside to turn as well. The modern home wind turbine replaces the mill apparatus with a simple generator which produces electricity that can be used to power a house, boat or provide electricity to a remote location. The amount of wind power available to harness worldwide is currently in the range of 72 terawatts. This is more than four times the total annual power consumption of the entire world!

An effective way to harness wind power is with a home wind turbine. These turbines are scaled to comply with residential structural codes and noise ordinances. Because wind power is inconsistent in most areas of the world, we don't recomend normally that our customers utilize a wind generator alone to power a house. However, a single wind generator can ease the grid drawn power a household utilizes, and if coupled with other forms of clean energy, such as solar power, home wind turbines can be part of a completely off grid home’s power network. Multiple turbines can even be connected with a battery storage system in a type of miniature wind farm for the household that wants to be completely reliant on air for power. One of the most impressive aspects of air as a power source is that once the turbine is in place, it operates at zero carbon consumption, making it an extremely environmentally friendly power source!

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