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Slow Speed Wind Turbine

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Slow Speed Wind Turbine

Slow Speed Wind Turbine

A slow speed wind turbine can be used to generate moderate amounts of electricity in areas that experience low wind speeds most of the year. One of the major drawbacks to wind power is that it used to require fairly high wind speeds in order to be viable. And of course to get that kind of wind speed, they often had to be mounted on 100+ foot towers.

Today, the slow speed wind turbine is becoming much more viable, thanks to innovative thinking by many creative engineers. As more companies realize the retail potential of slow speed turbines for use in private homes, and especially in highly urban areas, more time and money are being spent on research. Eventually, it is conceivable that even apartment dwellers will be able to take advantage of wind power through the use of these innovations.

Many people have built their own slow speed wind turbine, to differing results. The trick is to make the turbine as lightweight as possible in order to spin with the slightest breeze, and do so at a speed that is capable of actually generating electricity. Some of today’s homemade designs might well pave the way for mass-produced versions tomorrow.


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